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PC Laser+ deliver results for material weight, cut time and the cost price for the plate items.
It is necessary once to set up a spreadsheet, contain machine-operating speeds.

This sheet is used every time a specific plate type is used.
Operating speed for the difference size of holes and difference plate thickness can be calculated and the right cut time appear.
[ $ ]
Machine name Laser1
Price of machine [$/h] 800 [$./sec]: 0,222222
Kg. price 6
Number of Plate- Weight Total weight Cut speed Total time Material price Machine Total price
File name items thickness [kg/item] [kg] [sec/item] [sec] [ $ ] [ $ ] [Kr.]
L3988p01-11 2 5 2 4 105,25 210,5 24 46,77 70,77
L3988p02-11 3 10 4 12 82,05 246,15 72 54,69 126,69
Total 5 16 456,65 96 101,46 197,46
 The program is easy to use even if there are many files the program is quick to calculate the prices.
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